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The Switchfoot Icon Community

canvases of souls

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this is your life

welcome to sf_icons!

this community is devoted to the sharing of icons and graphics
relating to Switchfoot, a sensational rock band with the ability
to "combine explosive guitars with an intense longing for meaning."

Switchfoot has a lot of fans out there, and I know many of us are
crazy enough to sit around and make icons out of them. So, if you
are one of those people, or you would like to see what those people
come up with, this is the community for you!

we're going to keep it pretty laid back for a while. I know you
Switchfoot fans are nice people. Just please be considerate,
and have a good attitude, and we'll all get along just fine!

oh, and if an icon maker asks you to credit them for their work,
please do so. When you upload your icon, just put the
maker's livejournal name in the box beside the uploaded icon
that says "keywords." it's not all that hard.

buttons & banners

feel free to save any of these and post them in your userinfo.

(banner by sapah_fu)

(banner by innocenceagain)

(banner by abundantfaith)

(buttons by defeated)

(button by keekum)

If you have another community related to Switchfoot, or if you just
like this community a lot (because I mean, who wouldn't?) we would be happy
to become affiliated with you. If you are interested, just comment somewhere and let us know!
If you'd like, you can put one of our banners or buttons in your community userinfo, as well.


Amy: keekum &
Allie: abundantfaith

our buds:

sfboardies (for members of the Official Switchfoot Message Boards)
switchfoot_icon (the Switchfoot icon challenge community)
sfthefallout (run by the folks from The Fallout, aka the king of all SF fansites)

the community layout was a collaboration between keekum and heartsing.
header design by heartsing.

these carbon shells
these fragile dusty frames
house canvases of souls...

- "The Economy of Mercy"